The Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) was established on the basis of Federal Law No.145-FZ.
The mission of the Avtodor State Company is to form and develop Russia’s national high speed highway network, rebuild existing roads and develop highway infrastructure and highway services.
The State Company was founded by the Russian Federation. As a government structure, the company attracts investments using Public-Private Partnership mechanisms.


  • To implement a large-scale, long-term investment programme in order to create a reliable network of federal highways of up to 20,000km
  • To minimize budget expenses by attracting and mobilizing private capital resources.
  • To move to full returns on expenses in order to maintain and fulfill financial obligations on funds raised (after 2015);
  • To move to full returns on investment expenses by 2030.
  • To increase the efficiency of highway maintenance management by forming a market-oriented corporate structure aimed at achieving high economic results and minimizing losses.


  • To reduce costs and financial losses in the industry by no less than 10-15%;
  • To shorten investment cycles and periods of project implementation (on average by 1.5-2 years compared to the classic cycle of budget financing);
  • To form a mechanism of accumulating the income from highway activity in order to cover expenses for the maintenance of the road network, reinvest in new highway projects and support the financial obligations of the government for PPP projects being implemented;


  • Managing the State Company’s investment projects, including projects implemented under Public-Private Partnerships;
  • Performing the functions of a customer when conducting engineering surveys to prepare design documentation and conduct building, reconstruction, major and minor repairs and maintenance of the State Company’s highways;
  • Ensuring the required standard of services (comfort, safety, speed) provided to users of the State Company’s highways and associated with the travel and servicing of these users;
  • Organizing the movement of traffic, including traffic flow management;
  • Concluding concession agreements in regard to the State Company’s highways for the creation, reconstruction, major repair and maintenance of the highways or their sections and also for the maintenance of highway service facilities within the boundaries of right of way zones and roadsides of the State company’s highways;
  • Monitoring the condition of road service facilities within the boundaries of right of way zones and roadsides of the State Company’s highways and also determining the requirements for the building and reconstruction of the State Company’s highways and these road service facilities.