19 February 2024

Restoration of a bridge near the Gukovo checkpoint in the LPR is completed

Bridge builders of the Russian Highways State Company and its contractors are erecting from the ground up overpasses across the railway tracks in both directions that are situated on the route to the Gukovo checkpoint from the Lugansk People's Republic.

The construction of the right-hand overpass has been completed. Traffic has already been launched across it. The old road structure has been dismantled. In its place, a new left-hand two-lane overpass is due to be built. Thus, the road will be widened to four lanes, to get rid of the bottleneck.

Each overpass is 54 m long. To ensure road safety, works have been carried out to strengthen roadsides, install spillways to drain water from the road course, mount traffic management signs, and apply temporary road markings.

The restored infrastructure will increase the transport accessibility of the LPR for residents of neighboring regions, as well as consolidate social and economic ties within the Republic.