26 May 2021

“Russian Highways” State Company has organized a unique testing ground for noise protection screens

As a part of M-12 Project in Vladimir Region (1st stage of construction), a unique demonstration ground was created for the assessment of noise protection screens. The best technologies for production and installation of screens are to be applied on M-12 Highway.

Within the ground, it is planned to conduct a technical and economic assessment of the screens of each manufacturer in the life cycle, taking into account the indicators of ease of installation, durability, maintainability, capital and operating expenses. The following factors will be assessed: experience of the companies at other facilities, availability of documents on compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.
The construction camp of Stroytransgaz JSC was chosen as an experimental site.

Currently, seven companies have placed screens that meet the conditions of STO AVTODOR 2.9-2014 “Recommendations for the design, construction and operation of acoustic screens on highways” (as amended on October 16, 2020, No. 279), which specifies the increased requirements for quality indicators, design features, and warranty obligations.

OZMK LLC presented screens with panels made of composites, galvanized steel, stainless steel, steel with a zinc-aluminum-magnesium protective coating, translucent structures, technology for combining screen racks with light poles, a rope retention system for panels for bridge structures safety, wide-flange racks for exclusion of panels falling out, innovative aprons fastening, protective coating against graffiti, technology of digital design and construction of screens.
DoorHan LLC installed screens with panels made of aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, and translucent structures.

Masstar Group of Companies presented screens with composite panels made of reinforced concrete and wood concrete, large-span structures, innovative screen designs with an inclination from the road that increase acoustic efficiency, technology for installing rigid acoustic aprons, manufactured simultaneously with panels, hidden racks, racks of variable cross-section, durable design solutions based on reinforced concrete, mobile production of panels, solutions for protection against graffiti, including special anti-graffiti mesh, integration of screens and reinforced concrete barrier railings.

PIK Enterprise LLC installed translucent structures, screens with galvanized panels, and presented its own technology for production of screen racks. Integration with concrete panels in the lower layer of the screens was also proposed.
Prompanel LLC presented sections with translucent structures, with galvanized panels.

Miakom SPb LLC installed screens with PVC panels, translucent panels, and the ability of integration with concrete panels in the lower layer.

Elite GROUP LLC installed screens with translucent panels, and galvanized panels.