22 May 2021

Avtodor State Company Began Notifying the Toll Debtors

The Road Traffic Inspectorate supported by Avtodor State Company regularly conducts sweeps of traffic rules offenders who start on the paid roads with illegible or deliberately hidden state license plates.

Within the sweeps of May 20, 2021, administrative offense protocols have been drawn up on the Central Ring Road (CRR) for all the violators. Article 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CoAO) describes a common infraction punishable by RUB 5,000 of fine or driver's license revocation for deliberately hidden state license plates.

Let us remind you that the CRR hosts the first Free Flow toll system in Russia. There are no common barriers, so drivers can enter the paid road not even reducing speed. It is possible due to the use of “smart frames”. The system automatically withdraws the funds from the transponder, if it is installed according to the instruction, or records the license plate number charging the amount of debt for passage.

In January 2021, the CoAO was amended: now every toll road user shall be liable to pay for passage. The users who fail to pay for passage within 5 days are entered into the list of offenders and held administratively liable. At that, after paying the fine, the users are still liable to pay for passage on the CRR or any other toll road.
Currently, the State Company is actively notifying the drivers with the debt totaling RUB 1,500 and higher. More than 55,000 drivers have already received voice messages (automatic notifications).

Each driver who rode the CRR without a transponder can easily find out the cost of his or her travel and check the debt amount using Avtodor mobile app. In order to do it, one needs to download the App on the smartphone and enter the number of the car used for road passage.