22 May 2021

First Patches of Asphalt Have Been Laid at the New Section of M-4 Don Highway in Krasnodar Krai

On May 22, road workers began laying bitumen-concrete on 20 kilometers of the primary route of Far-off Western Bypass of Krasnodar (FWBK). Road workers plan to proceed at a pace of 300 m of asphalt a day.

Stone mastic asphalt-bitumen mixture based on polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) will be laid on the top dressing of the road cover. The mixture is manufactured using a technology by a company-owned accredited laboratory Donaerodorstroi JSC. This pavement is highly durable and long-lasting, as well as reducing the noise of vehicle travel. It will endure mechanic impact, providing high tire traction coefficient to the road surface.

Asphalt will be supplied to the highway from a bitumen-concrete facility in Rostov region. Its daily capacity reaches 4,000 tons of bitumen-concrete mixture, with a potential for higher road work performance.

To improve the earth roadbed before the bitumen-concrete layer is laid, workers used 1.2 million tons of sandy soil and 97 thousand tons of gravel and sand mixture (GSM).

The technology applies a stuffing between the sandy soil and GSM made of geosynthetic separating material.

For reference:

FWBK will be used for the transit traffic currently moving at the existing M-4 Don Highway section within Krasnodar city. The environment will benefit, road capacity leading to the Crimean bridge will increase, and drivers will have to spend less time travelling to the Black Sea resorts in the North Caucasus.

The new highway construction in Krasnodar Krai commenced in December 2020. Future highway will be 52 km long and stretch from Maryanskaya stanitsa bypassing Kopanskoy small village, Novovelichkovskaya and Novotitarovskaya stanitsas, up to the crossing with the 1,304th kilometer of M-4 Don Highway.

In general, there will be 24 artificial structures (4 bridges across the Ponura, the Kochety, the Saly, and the Magistralny Kanal Rivers; 9 cross-overs at the junctions and crossing the internal local road grids, and 11 agricultural passages). In addition, workers will rearrange melioration systems at the agricultural lands the new section of M-4 Highway will cross.  

The carriageway of the new road will be 15 m wide, and 3.7 meters of the separating strip. Lighting fixtures will be erected all along the new main road.

On September 8, 2020, a tender ended up in a long-term investment agreement for construction, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and paid operation of the Krasnodar bypass. The works are ordered by Avtodor State Company, and Donaerodorstroi JSC will be the general contractor. The highway will be completed in late 2023.