30 June 2021

Emergency commissioners provided assistance to motorists 2,689 times on the CCR

Most often they drove onto the Central Ring Road (CCR) to provide technical assistance to drivers whose cars went out of order. Emergency commissioners also helped highway services, covering their cars during scheduled works. They also drove onto the Central Ring Road 26 times to help pedestrians or cyclists leave the roadway. Emergency commissioners drove up to the people, explained that staying on the high-speed road was very dangerous and took them to the nearest safe place in their car. Totally of 11 months of work in the CRR open sections emergency commissioners assisted drivers 2,689 times.

For the five months of this year the emergency commissioners have responded to calls of motorists more than 4,700 times on the toll section of M-4 "Don" Highway. In more than half of the cases the drivers required technical assistance due to a vehicle malfunction.

On M-11 "Neva" Highway, over the same period (from January to May 2021), the support of emergency commissioners was requested more than 2,000 times. In addition, in May the emergency commissioner service received almost 200 more calls than in April. Technical assistance was needed 515 times.

The total number of calls to emergency commissioners increased by 65% in 2021 compared to 2020. At the same time, according to statistics, the growth in the number of calls is not stemming from an increase in the number of road accidents, but from the opening of new road sections. Another important factor is the increase in traffic. Whereas in January 2021 emergency commissioners helped to fix cars 474 times, in May they did it 631 times. They also assisted with the evacuation of vehicles almost 1,140 times.

In addition to technical support, emergency commissioners provide the first aid. Motorists themselves not always call emergency commissioners in such cases. For example, while patrolling the Central Ring Road, the emergency commissioner himself found a motionless car. It turned out that the driver had felt a sharp pain in his back and was unable to keep on driving. The emergency officer promptly transmitted information about the incident, called the ambulance and helped the motorist to take the correct position. Soon doctors arrived at the location and provided medical assistance to the driver, upon which he was able to continue driving on his own.

The service of emergency commissioners operates at all toll sections of Russian Highways State Company. You can call emergency commissioners via single short number *390. The assistance is provided free of charge, and all emergency commissioners receive special training. The time of the crew arrival of at the scene does not exceed 10-12 minutes.

In total, 83 crews of emergency commissars work on the toll sections of Russian Highways State Company with a total length of 1,769 km. 13 of them are on the CCR, 23 — on M-11 "Neva" Highway, 44 — on M-4 "Don" Highway. On M-1 "Belarus" and M-3 "Ukraine" Highways, which both have only one toll section, one and two crews of emergency commissioners work, respectively.