16 July 2021

Almost 16,000 Cars Pass Through First CRR Launch Complex Daily

After the final 25 km of the Central Ring Road from M-2 "Crimea" to Kaluzhskoe Highway were opened, the traffic intensity increased throughout all 336.5 km of the highway. Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region contributed to more than 50% of the journeys.

Within the first week of full-fledged operation of the first launch complex, the traffic intensity there totaled to 15,967 vehicles per day. The highest number of vehicles, 26,104 cars per day, was recorded there on July 9 at the section from M-4 "Don" to M-2 "Crimea".

The average daily traffic on the CRR-4 from M-4 "Don" to M-7 "Volga" increased by 14%. Compared to the data of the beginning of this year, the average daily intensity at the fourth launch complex has increased by 261%, at the CRR-3 section from M-11 "Neva" to M-7 "Volga" it has increased by 229%. The most popular route of the CRR was the section from M-4 "Don" to M-5 "Ural".

The average number of daily journeys of cargo vehicles from July 11 to July 17 increased by 330%. The average daily number of journeys of cargo vehicles in the first week of full operation of the launch complex was almost 8000 on the CRR-1 only.

Since the CRR was launched in last November, 20.9 million vehicles passed through the toll (transaction) frames as of July 7 this year, of which 20.2 million were in 2021. The share of transponders use increased from 45% (at the end of 2020) to 55%.