7 July 2021

The speed limit on the section from the 546th to the 680th km of the M-11 highway was increased to 130 km/h

This highway section passes through the Novgorod and Leningrad regions and the city of St. Petersburg. Considering the sections where such speed limit has been already permitted, drivers will be able to cover, in total, 571 kilometers of "Neva" highway at a speed of 130 km/h.

Drivers will be notified of a change in the speed limit with a variable message sign board and appropriate road signs.

This highway has no pedestrian crossings or intersections with other roads of the same level. All M-11 highway sections from 59th km to St. Petersburg are fully illuminated. The highway is equipped with elements of traffic control system, such as security cameras, transport detectors, incident detection system, and meteorological stations. Variable message sign boards will promptly warn drivers about any weather changes or M-11 highway traffic pattern.

Currently, the total length of highway sections with the increased speed limit run by Avtodor exceeds 1000 kilometers. A speed limit of 110 km/h is permitted on a 418 km long route and 130 km/h - along another 598 kilometers. The State Company plans to gradually increase the speed limit on sections where the transport and operational indicators, as well as traffic conditions, comply with the necessary requirements.