18 August 2021

The Drive Along the CRR Has Been Paid via Sberbank Online System by Over 8,000 Users Within Four Days

A drive along the Central Ring Road (CRR) may be paid by means of a transponder, using a pre-purchased ticket for a single ride or in the post-payment format within five days after the ride.

The most convenient way of payment for driving along the CRR is using a T-pass transponder: you may pass with it not worrying about the subsequent payment, since debiting of your personal account is effected automatically and the existing CRR discount system makes this way the most advantageous.

But those users who drive along the CRR without a transponder may now pay for a ride already taken by means of Sberbank Online services similar to payment for other bills in a single usual and convenient place. The service is available both in a personal profile on the website and in the mobile application.

It should be noted that for less than a week this mode of payment was selected by more than 8,000 people and, as evidenced by statistics, the popularity of this payment option grows from day to day: on the starting day, payments via Sberbank Online amounted to 165 transactions, while on August 16 this figure reached almost 1,200.

In order to make a payment via this service you have to specify the country of your vehicle registration, the vehicle's license plate number and your phone number. You can get acquainted with the detailed instructions for the ride payment by means of the Sberbank Online services on this page.

In addition to this new service, the car users still have access to other modes to check the rides already taken along the CRR and pay for them:
- on Avtodor – Toll Roads official website;
- in Avtodor mobile application ;
- in Elexnet ATM terminals network and in the Moscow Credit Bank supporting this functionality;
- in the Assistance and Service Centers of Avtodor – Toll Roads LLC;
- via the short USSD enquiries service *390#.

The CRR is a state-of-the-art speedway with the innovative barrier-free fare system, Free Stream. Cars enter the toll road and pass by toll gates in a non-stop mode, thus increasing the traffic safety, reducing the driving time and fuel consumption and, thereby, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as car maintenance costs.