13 August 2021

Project design works on the section of M-12 highway from Dyurtyuli to Achit are planned to start this year

Within the working trip, Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the Board of RHW State Company, and Mars Gazizullin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board, have visited Bashkortostan.
In the Republic House, Radiy Khabirov, the Head of Bashkortostan, and Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor, held a meeting on implementation of the project for construction of the high-speed highway Moscow -Yekaterinburg in the territory of Bashkortostan. The members of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the heads of the districts through which the new highway will pass, and the heads of companies of the region's fuel and energy complex have attended the meeting.

It is worth reminding that, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced on the extension of Moscow-Kazan highway to Yekaterinburg in his Address to the Federal Assembly. He noted that this highway should be built in the next three years - by 2024. The project is managed by the State Company "Avtodor".

“In the history of road construction in the country, there was no such time frame for creation of transport infrastructure. At the same time, the pace of work that we have achieved on the Moscow-Kazan highway enables us to speak of the feasibility of the task set by the country's leaders. I would like to thank my colleagues from Bashkortostan for the prompt solution of the issues related to the routing of the new highway and preparation of pre-project documentation,” Vyacheslav Petushenko said.
“The President has set a tight time frame. We are very grateful to our colleagues from the State Company "Avtodor", who actively joined this work. The company is a reliable partner of our republic, and I am sure that together we will be able to implement the project on time,” Radiy Khabirov said.

Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the Board of the State Company "Avtodor", noted the positive experience of interaction with the leaders of Bashkortostan in agreeing on the parameters of the large-scale project.
The participants of the meeting have discussed the issues of transferring engineering communications - pipelines and power supply networks, supplying the project with local building materials for the highway laying. So that the opportunity to start construction work would appear already in 2022. Project design works will begin this year.

The Head of Bashkortostan noted that a specially created project office, headed by Raif Abdrakhimov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Regional Government, is already engaged in coordinating inter-agency cooperation and prompt resolution of emerging issues.  

“The new highway, as they say, will breathe life into the north-western regions of the republic, give a serious impetus to the development of the economy and the social sphere of these territories,” Radiy Khabirov said. “And, of course, the high-speed highway will bring the republic closer to the central regions of the country, and will enable its residents to make comfortable and safe trips.”
The length of a section of the new high-speed M-12 highway in the territory of the republic will be around 140 km. This section from the town of Dyurtyuli in the direction of Achit settlement in Sverdlovsk region will pass through four districts of Bashkortostan - Buraevsky, Baltachevsky, Dyurtyulinsky and Tatyshlinsky.

In addition, within the works planned by the Federal Road Agency, a new high-speed alternate of the existing M-7 highway with the length of over 60 km - from the border of Tatarstan to Dyurtyuli is planned to be constructed in the territory of Bashkortostan.