13 August 2021

The Head of RHW State Company and the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Have Discussed the Matters of M-12 Highway Design and Construction

Within the working trip, Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the Board of RHW State Company, and Mars Gazizullin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board, have visited Yekaterinburg. In particular, they held a meeting with Yevgeny Kuyvashev, the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, in order to discuss the options for routing and pre-design works.

The new M-12 high-speed highway will pass through the territory of Sverdlovsk region from the town of Dyurtyuli in the direction of Achit and will join the federal highway Perm — Yekaterinburg. To accommodate the increased traffic flow, the Perm highroad will be expanded along its entire length to four lanes with oncoming traffic separation, and up to six lanes around Yekaterinburg. The completion of the new section is scheduled for 2024. Its preliminary length within the boundaries of Sverdlovsk region is 43 km.

The State Company has already developed the facility roadmap, performed traffic flows modeling, and assessed the condition of coverage of regional roads within the main highway corridor.

“Wherever a road comes, especially such important one, we always engage the most of the region's potential. Even if construction workers come from other regions, they should register with tax authorities, so that taxes can be deducted to the regional budget. And, of course, we always use the capacities available in the region. This is a matter of principle, since the road construction provides for new jobs, promotes business development around it, as well as a potential growth of tourism. Of course, without the assistance of Sverdlovsk region, we will not be able to cope with the task set before us by the President,” Vyacheslav Petushenko underlined. According to him, the company has ambitious plans to start preparing sites for the construction of a new section of the highway by the end of the year.

“The task set by the President of Russia for the development of the country's transport infrastructure is our priority. Sverdlovsk region has a high construction potential. The region is rich in mineral resources, specialists and strong construction companies. We can provide necessary materials not only for the construction of the highway passing through the territory of Sverdlovsk region, but also for other sections thereof,” Yevgeny Kuyvashev noted.

Recently, the Governor of Sverdlovsk region has signed an order to create a working group on design and construction of the Kazan — Yekaterinburg highway in the region.  It consists of the representatives of regional ministries: the Minister of Transport and Roads Vasily Starkov, the Deputy Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Development Vladimir Veniaminov, experts from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Market, the Ministry of Energy and Housing and Communal Services.