13 October 2021

More Than 18,000 Cars Driving Daily Along the Central Ring Road

The summer holiday season is over, and the daily average traffic intensity at the Central Ring Road (CRR) keeps growing.

For instance, from September 27 to October 3 it amounted to 18.5 thousand cars, and from October 4 to October 10 it exceeded 19 transport vehicles per day.

Primary users of CRR are residents of the Moscow agglomeration. They make up 50 percent of all transits along this federal highway. Then follow the residents of Tula, Smolensk Regions and St. Petersburg.

The most popular route at the ring road is the span M-4 Don - M-2 Crimea, the second is M-4 Don - M-5 Urals, and the span M-4 Don - the fifth CRR startup facility is the third by popularity.

Looking back in November last year, when the traffic along the third startup facility from M-11 Neva to M-7 Volga was launched, the traffic intensity was a little over 2 thousand vehicles per day. After opening of CRR-4 it exceeded 5 thousand at this section, and after the launch of CRR-1 last summer it amounted to almost 16 thousand cars per day.