19 October 2021

Maintenance services on the road network of Avtodor State Company are ready for the winter period

Road workers are provided with the necessary materials and technical resources for uninterrupted and safe traffic in winter along all 3,771.23 km of roads under the trust management of Avtodor State Company.
The services are ready for the winter period, which begins in the fall from the moment when the average daily air temperature goes below 0° C. Deicing agents have been procured to protect the roads from snow drifts, to clean the driving surface from snow, to combat winter slipperiness and ice. The fleet of maintenance services consists of more than 1230 units of road equipment ready to combat snow and ice.

The winter period is the most difficult for road maintenance and traffic management. Due to formation of snow and ice deposits on the road surface, there is a sharp change in the conditions of cars and road interaction.

Taking this into account, the personnel engaged in works has undergone training and was provided with additional instructions on peculiarities of winter maintenance and the compliance with road safety requirements. Premises for workers and drivers to rest and warm have been prepared.