21 October 2021

More Than 13,000 Fingerlings to Be Released into the Kuibyshev Water Reservoir by the End of October

Today, as a part of the site preparation for construction of M-12 Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan highway, Avtodor State Company has released more than five thousand sterlets into the Kuibyshev water reservoir in the Republic of Tatarstan. Each fish weighs 3 g.

More than 7,000 silver carp fingerlings, each weighing 25 g, will be released to the water area of the reservoir by the end of October.

Releases are carried out under supervision of the commission headed by representatives of the Federal Fisheries Agency.

When constructing bridges and discharge facilities, road workers release fingerlings into large water bodies to meet requirements of the environmental legislation. Their species composition depends on the territory and capabilities of local fish farming enterprises.

Avtodor State Company has been replenishing water biological resources for the seventh year in a row.

In 2014, more than 300 young sterlets were released into the Oka River as a part of the site preparation for construction of the Central Ring Road (CRR);
in 2015 - more than 540,000 royal fish fingerlings in preparation for construction of the CRR and M-11 Neva highway, and almost 3,000 salmon fingerlings;
in 2016 - 55,000 one-year-old Atlantic salmons during the M-11 highway site preparation; more than 400,000 bream fingerlings - as a part of M-4 Don highway reconstruction in Rostov region, more than 93,000 sterlet fingerlings as a part of M-1 Belarus highway reconstruction in Moscow region;
in 2017 - more than 192 royal fish fingerlings were released in Tver region as a part of M-11 highway construction;
in 2018 - more than 1,000 young sturgeons were released prior to reconstruction of the bridge over the Dzhubga river on M-4 highway in Krasnodar territory;
in 2020 - more than 8,000 young Black Sea salmons were released in Krasnodar territory. In September 2020, sterlet fingerlings were released into the Oka river near Murom in site preparation of stage 0 of M-12 highway.

In total, almost 1,800,000 fingerlings have been released.