10 March 2022

More Than 100 km of the M-4 Don Highway will Undergo Maintenance in the Rostov Region in 2022

In April 2022, work is planned to start on the 819-860 km section of the M-4 Don Highway in the Chertkovо District of the Rostov Region. In order to improve traffic safety, highway engineers will restore the road carpet in both directions, replace structures of the road sides, construct a parking lane, surface drainage systems, etc. The work completion is scheduled for the end of 2022. Following the work, the section will remain toll-free.

In addition, in 2022, the M-4 will be repaired in the Chertkovо, Krasnу Sulin and Oktyabrsky Districts of the Rostov Region (801-819 km, 950-974 km, 982-1007 km).

This year, preventive maintenance is scheduled for seven engineering structures: bridges across the dry lands at the 868th and 874th km (both directions), across the Seversky Donets at the 930th km (forward direction), a bridge across the Don at the 1061st km (reverse direction), overpasses at the 990th, 1000th and 1060th km. In addition, repairs are scheduled for the overpass over the road at the 1074th km.