26 February 2022

562 Piles are Being Driven on the Bridge over the Kirzhach River

In the Vladimir Region, stage 1of the M-12 Highway on the bridge across the Kirzhach River is where a special facility presses the piles in, instead of hammering them in.

The features of this method for driving piles was shown to the journalists as part of the first motor rally "M-12. We Make Cities Closer" of the Avtodor State Company.

This pile-pressing facility is used when driving piles in areas where vibration of the subgrades is unacceptable. For example, the main gas pipeline, which feeds a significant part of the Vladimir Region, passes through, next to the bridge over the Kirzhach River. At this location, driving works are not possible, since strong vibrations are prohibited here.

This technology, which is rarely used in road construction, was discussed by experts with representatives of the federal and regional media during the first press tour of the "M-12. We Make Cities Closer." Crane installations feed a pile into the pile-driving jaws. Due to hydraulics, the jaws are pressed together, and the force that drives the pile into the ground is applied. The machine presses on the pile with all its weight. Now this machine is bearing nearly 320 tons of weight, 120 tons of which is the weight of the machine itself, and the rest are special blocks.

The first stage of the M-12 Highway, 80 kilometers long, runs from the A-108 to the Southern Bypass of Vladimir City. It accommodates 29 engineering structures, 24 of them are cross-overs and bridges. There are also about 156 engineering communications which are being rebuilt in the course of work.

The M-12 Highway is being constructed as part of the national project "Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of the Main Infrastructure for the Period up to 2024." The 811 km highway will connect the Russian capital with Kazan and join five regions together: the Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod Regions, the Chuvash Republic, and the Republic of Tatarstan. By choosing this highway, motorists will cut travel time in half.