4 March 2022

A Slipway Platform is Being Prepared for Launching the First Superstructure of the Bridge on the Right Bank of the Volga River

133 meters of metalwork have already been launched from the left bank. They connected the supports in the coastal part.

The 3,362 m bridge across the Volga River will be the longest in the M-12 Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan Highway.

On the third day of the first motor rally "M-12 - We Make Cities Closer" of Russian Highways State Company, journalists were shown how the slipway platform is being prepared for the launching of the first superstructure on the right bank of the Volga River.

The erection structures will be moved using an industrial gantry crane. It has already been installed at the construction site. At the same time, excavation work is underway on the right high bank of the Volga River to provide approaches to the bridge. 8,341 thousand m3 of 13,904 thousand m3 have already been completed.

An embankment is provided for from the left sloping bank. To erect bridge supports and install the superstructure, working platforms have been arranged where drilling operations are underway. The bridge supports are being built from the banks to the middle of the river, which will save navigation. The height of the supports from the intermediate support on the right bank will be 44.33 m, and 19.18 m from the left one.

The bridge across the Volga River is part of stage 8 of the M-12 Highway. Moreover, bridges are being built on the Mesha and Sviyaga Rivers in Tatarstan, as well as interchanges with regional roads.