15 March 2022

Construction of a temporary bridge over the Seversky Donets river began on the M-4 Don

Bridge builders prepare to dismantle the structures of the right bridge across the Seversky Donets river at the 930th km of the M-4 Don. Dismantling of superstructures and supports will be carried out as a part of reconstruction of this engineering structure.

At the moment, construction of special auxiliary structures and facilities for dismantling the old structures is underway. Construction of a berth on the right bank of the river, piling of supporting structures, installation of a temporary bridge for dismantling the reconstructed bridge are in progress.

In order to ensure the safe dismantling of the bridge, as a part of the erection of supporting structures, the installation of pile foundations, support bodies, installation of beams and supports of supporting structures, wedging of trusses in nodal sections are provided.

The temporary bridge is being built to accommodate trucks and vehicles for dismantling and removal of dismantled bridge structures.

Considering that the Seversky Donets is a navigable river, it is planned to use a cargo barge for dismantling a superstructure in the navigation span in order to load the superstructure and transport it to the cargo berth.

At the same time, erection of bored piles of the new abutment supports for the bridge (supports No. 1 and No. 6) is underway. Work on installation of a sheet piling at the site of the future slipway for assembly and sliding of the new superstructure, penetration of the sheet pile of the retaining walls in the area of supports 1 and 6 are in progress.

Work on reconstructing the bridge across the Seversky Donets river started in January this year. The total length of the reconstructed section is 1,068 m, including the bridge and approaches to it. The bridge across the Seversky Donets river was built in 1966 and could no longer cope with the loads. So far, traffic to Moscow is directed via the temporary bridge, which was erected from the metalwork of a temporary bridge used in the construction of a transport crossing across the Kerch Strait.

After reconstruction, the width of the carriageway of the bridge structure will be 11.25 m, i.e. 3 traffic lanes. A pedestrian sidewalk 2.25 m wide will be tripled. In addition, the design documentation provides for the installation of noise screens (to the right along the M-4 Highway) and lighting.