5 August 2022

More car drivers under the influence of alcohol are stopped closer to the Black Sea

In the first half of 2022, 18 people died on the М-4 Don due to the fault of drunk drivers.

Most of accidents occurred in the Krasnodar Region. There were 18 road traffic accidents with involvement of drunk drivers. This is 28% of the total number of deaths in road traffic accidents on the М-4 in the Krasnodar Region. These were mostly young people, who caused the death of 11 people and the injury of 20.

The Lipetsk and Tula Regions are the second by a number of deaths due to a fault of drivers getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Three people died in each region. Two people died in the Rostov Region.

Along with drivers, drunk pedestrians also violate road traffic regulations. Six drunk pedestrians died on the M-4 Don in six months of 2022. This is 29% of all pedestrian deaths on the M-4.