29 July 2022

Over 460 thousand of sterlet fingerlings have been released into the Don river as a part of the M-4 highway reconstruction project

"Russian Highways" State Company released 464,105 sterlet fingerlings into the Don river basin in order to replenish biological resources during reconstruction of the M-4 Don highway (from the 715th km to the 777th km in the Voronezh Region). This was the first release. In total, 4,228,928 fingerlings will be released into the Don river and the Kuban river by the end of October 2023.

Works on 36 out of 62 km are now underway. Complex construction on 26 km is completed. Works are performed ahead of schedule and are expected to be completed in autumn of this year. After reconstruction, the section will conform to parameters of technical category 1B.

Now, works on laying the pavement layers are being performed in the main direction. The bridge across the Levaya Bogucharka river is being constructed. In total, nine bridge structures are being constructed on the section, works on eight bridges are completed.

The transport junction near Dyadino village, as well as three recreation sites with sanitary modules are under construction. Road builders simultaneously install barrier fences, electric lighting stands, road signs, erect video surveillance systems and stands for the automated road traffic system (ARTS).

Over 200 items of road-building equipment, 420 road and bridge specialists work on the section every day.

Operation at the facility allows simultaneous passage of transit transport, continuous and safe traffic is ensured 24 hours a day.