25 July 2022

It is planned to launch traffic on the M-12 section in the Vladimir Region by the end of this year

Progress of the М-12 construction in the Vladimir Region has been discussed at an off-site meeting in the Petushinsky District. It was attended by the Chairman of the Board of "Russian Highways" State Company Vyacheslav Petushenko, the Head of the Region Aleksandr Avdeev, the Head of the Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod Highway Administration Sergey Karpov, and the General Director of Stroygaz, JSC, Vladimir Lavlentsev.

One of the main agenda items was the transport situation on the М-7 Volga, in part because the delivery route of materials for the M-12 construction passes along it. Operation on the М-7 is extremely intense. Vyacheslav Petushenko noted that traffic on the section from Moscow to Vladimir is the heaviest, since the traffic towards Suzdal, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Gus-Khrustalny splits there.

Moreover, traffic-bearing surfaces of roads in the Petushinsky district are being repaired, which led to more difficulties for car traffic and dissatisfaction of both people transiting the Vladimir Region and the region residents.

Following the results of the meeting, it was proposed to suspend works on the М-7 until launch of traffic on the М-12 in the Petushinsky district. "The Government of the Russian Federation helps in terms of financing the М-12 construction, and all issues in the Vladimir Region are resolved promptly. There are no problems with construction of the new federal highway. Contractors have accepted enhanced commitments and work 24 hours a day. This allows us to say that we will be able to do most of the work by the end of this year", Vyacheslav Petushenko said in respect of the М-12 construction in the Vladimir Region.

"The М-12 is our chance to attract new investors in our region and perform large-scale re-industrialization. Main growth points will be exits from the highway to adjacent areas. Road builders perform works well ahead of schedule. Everything planned for launching in 2023, will be launched this year", Aleksandr Avdeev noted.

Contractors promise to deliver sections of the new road in October and December this year. Accordingly, it will be possible to get from the Central Ring Road (CRR) in the Moscow Region to Vladimir without traffic lights and crossings starting from the end of this year. "The main part of transit traffic will leave the М-7, and we will be able to commence works on a highway section in Pokrov", Aleksandr Avdeev explained.

This year, "Russian Highways" State Company plans to commission a section of the М-12 from intersection with the М-7, which runs parallel to the Vladimir South bypass road, where the existing road network is also congested, as well as the Pokrov bypass section, in order to eliminate existing congestion on the М-7. The total length of the М-12 Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan highway on the territory of the Vladimir Region is 218 km. Over 6,300 people and 1,535 equipment units are involved in its construction. Works are performed on 72 artificial structures including a unique cable-stayed bridge across the Oka of 1,378 meters in length.